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Desert Circus is a professional school for circus studies with special emphasis on creative, individual and group work.


The course is designed to be a creative experience for both the body and the soul.   Our students engage in an in-depth team-building creative process surrounded by the wonderful natural expanses of the desert. 


The school is located in Mitzpe Ramon, which provides a wide tapestry of environment, including  many diverse, interesting, artistic, warm and special communities. The Desert Circus founders chose Mitzpe Ramon with great deliberation, aware of its unusual character as an intersection for a variety of different cultures and of its ability to serve as inspiration for artistic creativity and rich human encounters.


הדרכת קרקס.jpeg

Social - Educational Circus

“If there are other circuses and clowns, not in the book 

If the children’s laughter sounds clear and not far away

Laughing the market, the sea, the school bell 

Then why don’t we learn to laugh too?”

    ( from the song “Smiles” by Leah Naor)

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